• Introduces additional options for blackberry users
  • Best deal for only TZS700 per day
  • To enroll customers can opt for the Airtel Blackberry by dialing the short code *148*77# and have access

Airtel Tanzania the most affordable communications services provider has today launched new Blackberry packages with features tailored to help people stay connected to business partners, family and friends.

The two new packages, Blackberry Complete (KAMILI) and Blackberry Social (GENGE) from Airtel, are available on the daily, weekly and monthly subscription options. With the new packages, Tanzanians can now enjoy Blackberry services at affordable prices from Airtel for as low as 700Tsh. 

The monthly fee for the BlackBerry Social or (GENGE) is now 12000 TSH while the Blackberry Complete (KAMILI) from Airtel package is available at 17500 TSH. The services is also available for weekly subscription with blackberry Genge services, airtel customer’s will only pay 3,500Tsh per week

The Genge service from Airtel allows for internet browsing, BBM, Facebook and Twitter while the Kamili service gives access to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), BlackBerry Email and Instant Messaging (Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger). Included is full access to browse the internet, BlackBerry App World, Social Networking such as Facebook, Twitter and one Web-based Email Account (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc).

On the new Blackberry services launch statement Airtel Public Relations Manager, Jackson Mmbando said “To enroll customers can opt for the Airtel Blackberry Social Plan, (GENGE) or Complete, (KAMILI) by dialing the short code *148*77# and have access to an exciting total Blackberry experience that offers email service, instant messaging, internet access, Blackberry App World and social networking, amongst others”.

Adding more light on the service upgrade, Airtel Public Relations Manager, Jackson Mmbando emphasized that the latest additions to the Airtel Blackberry bouquet was influenced by not only on the yeaning of customers for Blackberry internet service, but also on Airtel’s desire to give customers complete communication package that seamlessly connects them with loved ones and associates, keeps them socially relevant and serves as their mobile offices while on the go, at affordable and most competitive prices.

“We have with these additions, further removed the entry barrier for both our old and new customers access to the Airtel Blackberry service irrespective of class or social standing. Through this intervention, we have made the service more affordable to Tanzanians and at the same time, give access to features that will clearly complement the lifestyles of our customers”.

The Airtel BlackBerry service is designed to give customers across its various segments remote access to information. In addition to the latest services, Airtel BlackBerry suites of products boast of unique features such as Enterprise Solutions and Internet Solutions. This allows Airtel customers to synchronize their exchange mail to their Blackberry device. 

Another superb feature offered by Airtel Blackberry in its Blackberry Kamili (formerly known as Blackberry Internet Service) is the Blackberry Protect. This feature allows a one to retrieve information from their Blackberry device remotely by simply logging into a webpage. With this feature, one can also trace the whereabouts of their device by remotely tracking it on a particular webpage.

Blackberry service is an internet driven service. This means that, the network that you are hosting your Blackberry service has to have perfect internet connection with most extensive reach. Airtel currently has the greatest internet in Tanzania. Airtel 3.75G speeds guarantee a perfect user experience of Blackberry service. Failure to have these speeds will give a customer poor experience which is what seems to be one of the biggest Airtel’s competition in data related services offerings.


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    Airtel kwa speed hii mtafika mbali. big up kwa marketing team pamoja na management yote ya airtel tanzania

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